Why Choose Us

We love our clients and work to a high standard of customer satisfaction.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall is a full-service interior decoration firm offering extensive services for both residential and commercial environments in the Fort Worth, Texas area. We function as your personal design consultant, collaborating closely with you to create interiors that are as stunning as they are functional. Our extensive range of services includes comprehensive interior design, residential and commercial staging, creation of design boards, assistance with concept selections, and personalized shopping experiences. What sets us apart is that our design services are included at no extra charge with every product we offer.

Whether you're aiming to rejuvenate your home's aesthetics in Fort Worth or elevate your business ambiance, Mirror Mirror On The Wall is your premier choice. Our reach also extends to Dallas, Texas, where we deliver top-notch interior design services. Our team of professional Interior Designers in Fort Worth, TX, and Dallas, TX, are dedicated to crafting captivating and bespoke spaces that mirror your unique style and ambitions, including contemporary home designs in Dallas.


Versatile Styles

We’re “The Mirrors!” We are twin sisters who are full of personality with different styles!


Customized Design Plans

Our experience allows us to easily determine the ideal project plan for the home after getting to know the client and seeing the space.


Competitive Pricing

Our detailed plan includes the needs & desires of our clients while staying within the requested budget.


Customer Satisfaction

It’s about YOU! We strive to make the process seamless, exciting and most of all gorgeous! Our team is professional and focused on pleasing YOU! Take a look at our testimonials which are verbatim from some of our clients.


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